Mitropia : The Mythical Game of Surrounding

Mitropia is a strategic area-control game rooted in the mechanics of the ancient game Go, with surprise elements that make it fun for every player! Use tribal powers, pattern movement cards, special actions, and more to capture the most territory and prisoners on the fields of the Gods.

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I think this is a fantastic game with excellent theme overlaid. If you are looking for a thematic game of Go that looks beautiful, is colorful instead of boring, allows players to have special powers and abilities, card play similar to the award-winning Onitama, then you certainly owe it to yourself to give a look at Mitropia.

Purple Phoenix Games

I got my Founders copy in time for the long weekend, played it, enjoyed it, will play again soon. I am really pleased, and am looking forward to playing more!

James MacDonald, Kickstarter Backer

I just found this to be really engaging, and it really works well with three and even higher players. Two players is interesting as well but I like it with the higher player counts and how you can share victories and divy up the loot so to say as you capture pieces.

Mark Streed, Dice Tower